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    works with vBulletin 3.0.x / 3.5.x / 3.6.x / 3.7.x / 3.8.x


    If you are using v3arcade and want to migrate, download the CONVERTER for easy and safe conversion without losing any Game or Score - and even complete uninstall help for v3arcade


    For Branding-Free-License and Donations check the "Information"-Section in your AdminCP's Arcade-Section after installing


    This Hack provides you a professional Arcade fully integrated in your vBulletin-Forum. Your Members can play Games, hunt for Highscores and do Tournaments.

    Some Feature that come along and make this ibProArcade outstanding:
    • Styles
      different Styles (ibProArcade, v3arcade)
      in AdminCP you define the default Style and if users can select their own preferred Style
    • Languages
      this Hack comes along with multiple languages, selectable via AdminCP
      currently included: english, german, french, dutch, portugese
    • Custom Game Sorting
      you can set a default sorting in AdminCP while each User can select his own sorting, e.g. by name, rating, times played ect.
    • Game Ratings
      Members can rate each Game
    • Arcade UserCP
      each user can set his own preferences for the Arcade: game sorting, games/scores per page, notifications, Skin, default category
    • Arcade ModCP
      an Adcade-Moderator can take care of scores, tournaments, comments ect.
    • Tournaments
      you can create Tournaments via AdminCP or Arcade-ModCP with either 2, 4 or 8 participants
      Users can create Tournaments with open slots other players can join in
      Creation of Tournaments is based on Usergroup and User-Permissions
      Each Game can be set to be selectable for Tournaments or not
    • Automatic Game Installation
      in the AdminCP you can easily install new games, just upload the Archives to your server and install with a single click. There even is mass-installing included to install all uploaded games at once.
      No more worrying about putting certain files in certain folders and running an installer.
      This Feature works with ibProArcade-TAR-Archives and v3arcade-ZIP-Archives.
    • Categories
      you can create categories for the games, e.g. genre
      categories can be protected with a password and/or restricted to certain usergroups
    • advanced Game Statistics

      alot of information are provided for each game:
      • best score of all times
      • your personal best result
      • actual highscore-champion
      • game-rating
      • times played
      • time played
    • Active Users in the Arcade
      this shows who currently is in the Arcade and what everybody is doing there. In AdminCP you can select in which areas of the Arcade this will be shown
    • Game Information
      while playing a game some information gets displayed: current highscore and champion, the objective of the game and the controls for this game
    • Group-Permissions

      you can set alot of permissions for each usergroup:
      • Access to the Arcade (can not view, can view but not play, can view and play)
      • total posts requirement
      • posts per day requirement
      • max. plays per day
      • can create Tournaments
      • which categories can be played
    • User-Permissions

      you can set individual permissions per user:
      • can create Tournaments
      • is banned from the Arcade
      • is Arcade Moderator
      • which options this Arcade-Moderator has (scores, comments, tournaments ect.)
    • automatic Score-Pruning
      scores can be pruned after a period of time you can choose in AdminCP
    • Game Options
      each games has individual settings for height, width, background-color, how many decimal points, which result is best (high or low), the game's objective, the keys, a description ect.
    • Arcade-Information in the Forum
      in AdminCP you can select which Information will be in Postbit of each Posting a Member does in the Forum: Highscores and/or won Tournaments. The Style of this Information is available in different types (marquee, Icons only, static)
    • Full Integration in vbBux/vbPlaza

      if you have vbPlaza installed you have alot of options to sell in your Plaza-Shop:
      • Costs per Play
      • static or raising Jackpot to win per Game
      • Tournaments have Costs to participate and the Winner earns the Jackpot of this Tournament
      • Arcade-Pass for free playing (without winning)
    For additional information just check out the attached Screenshots

    ibProArcade is compatible to ibProArcade-Games (*wow* surprise!), v3arcade-Games and PNflashgames (, use POSTNUKE format).
    PNflashgames does even offer Multiplayer-Games.

    This Hack was originally done for Invision Power Board (IPB) by Chris Kelly and later adapted to work within vBulletin 3.0.x but had no real integrated AdminCP and even some illegal licensed Files from IPB included, so it was removed from official vBulletin-Sites.

    ibProArcade for vBulletin comes along with a complete new AdminCP with even more options and improved functionality, has been bugfixed alot and I implemented some additional feature that where missing. All known security-issues found have been fixed.

    ibProArcade is full compatible to PHP4 and PHP5 and works with all vBulletin 3.x.x (yes, 3.0.x + 3.5.x + 3.6.x + 3.7.x + 3.8.x) with all the same Scripts !

    Installation of ibProArcade is very simple and easy:

    vBulletin 3.0.x
    upload the Files
    run the Installer
    edit 4 PHP-Files
    edit 3 Templates
    add 1 new Template

    vBulletin 3.5.x & 3.6.x & 3.7.x & 3.8.x
    upload the Files
    import the Product-XML-File
    edit 3 Templates

    If you are upgrading from an existing Arcade, some information:
    • For existing ibProArcade-Installations (v2.6.6+ and older) check the included Upgrade-Information (look in Archive)
    • For existing ibProArcade-Installations (v2.5.1) just do everything like a fresh installation, your Games and Scores should be kept automatically
    • For existing v3arcade-Installations (v1.0.x) for vBulletin 3.5/3.6 there is the converter available.
    I want to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who helped in the 3 months of development, testing and bugfixing the initial v2.5.3+ (in alphabetical order):
    ---MAD---, Acers, Aftermath, beacher, dede1, E=mc², Esposito, Feckie (Roger), Gemma, ggiersdorf, GrendelKhan{TSU, Huijting, jbd, JTyson, kall, kylek, MasterMaik, matrix, media4you, micheal332001, MissKalunji, MrLister, nitro, nullified, Okie, Paul_Hollibone, Scotty2k, Ski-Whiz, slank, Smoker, Synper, soniceffect, Sooner95, tcs, Tekram, Willy, Wordplay and everybody else I forgot to mention here

    Special thanks to Chris Kelly for his permission to re-release this new, extended ibProArcade to the vBulletin-Community !

    If you want to support me, feel free to donate (use the "support developer" button in the upper right) or just check out the Installation-Instructions included in the Hack-Archive, Thank You!

    For Branding-Free License check the AdminCP -> Arcade -> Information after you installed it, all information can be found there.

    ...and now you should stop reading this and start downloading this awesome addition for your vBulletin to make your Members happy...


    تصاویر پیوست شده
    فایل های پیوست شده
    آخرین ویرایش توسط AminGod ، ۱۳ تير ۱۳۹۰ در ۱۲:۴۲ ب.ظ.
    کمرنگ شدم

  2. 3 کاربر به خاطر ارسال مفید AminGod از ایشان تشکر کرده اند:

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    سلام دوستان کسی میتونه منو تو نصب بازی آنلاین کمک کنه ؟

    من هرچی کردم نشد همین ورژنم دانلود کردم و نصب ولی تنظیمات دیتابیس رو انقاری اشتباه کردم کمک کنید

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    نقل قول نوشته اصلی توسط aaffaa نمایش ارسال ها
    سلام دوستان کسی میتونه منو تو نصب بازی آنلاین کمک کنه ؟

    من هرچی کردم نشد همین ورژنم دانلود کردم و نصب ولی تنظیمات دیتابیس رو انقاری اشتباه کردم کمک کنید
    نصب خاصی نداره
    فایل هاش رو آپلود می کنی.
    بعد از طریق کنترل پنل مثل بقیه هک ها فایل هک رو نصب می کنی.
    بعد هم توی تنظیمات قالب کد هایی که گفته رو جاهایی که گفته وارد می کنی.
    اون دو قسمت اول برای اینه که تو مشخصات هر کاربر اگه برنده شده بود نشون داده بشه.
    اخری هم برای اینه که لینکش توی ناوربار باشه

  5. 3 کاربر به خاطر ارسال مفید EhsanETS از ایشان تشکر کرده اند:

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    فکر کنم این تایپک به دردت بخوره

  7. 4 کاربر به خاطر ارسال مفید immortal از ایشان تشکر کرده اند:

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    سلام من یه مشکل عجیب دارم دوستان!
    سیستم مدریت سایت من با انجمن دیتابیس هاش یکی هست !
    و بازی آنلاین رو وقتی فعال می کنم ارور دیتابیس میده نمی دونم چرا :
    Database error in vBulletin 3.8.5:
    Invalid SQL:
                SELECT t.champion, u.userid FROM vb_tournaments AS t
                LEFT JOIN vb_user AS u ON (t.champion = u.username)
                WHERE champion<>'';
    MySQL Error   : Illegal mix of collations (latin1_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '='
    Error Number  : 1267
    Request Date  : Monday, August 30th 2010 @ 11:03:43 AM
    Error Date    : Monday, August 30th 2010 @ 11:03:44 AM
    Script        :
    Referrer      :
    IP Address    : 9*.2**.12*.20*
    Username      : S***an
    Classname     : vB_Dat***ase
    MySQL Version : 5.0.91-community

    خواهشا اگه کسی میدونه کمک کنه !
    پیش نمایش و نقد و بررسی بازیها :
    Whatever game you want

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    احتمالا اول cms رو نصب کردی بعد ویبولتین رو هم روی همون دیتابیس نصب کردی درسته؟

    هک با کالشن تیبل ها مشکل داره باید latin1_swedish_ci بشه
    کمرنگ شدم

  10. کاربر زیر به خاطر ارسال مفید AminGod از ایشان تشکر کرده است:

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    بله امین جان این 2 تا سیستم کاملا با هم مچ هستن ، اگه یکی خراب بشه اون یکی هم خراب میشه !
    هک با کالشن تیبل ها مشکل داره باید latin1_swedish_ci بشه <<<>>> میشه در مورد این یه کم توضیح بدی تا من متوجه بشم و بتونم انجام بدم ؟
    پیش نمایش و نقد و بررسی بازیها :
    Whatever game you want

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    در سایت ویبولتین آموزش بر طرف کردن این مشکل گفته شده :

    به طور کلی باید تیبل های مربوط به ویبولتین به latin1_swedish_ci کانورت بشن که برای این کار باید از دستور های sql استفاده کنی که توی همون تاپیک گفته شده
    کمرنگ شدم

  13. کاربر زیر به خاطر ارسال مفید AminGod از ایشان تشکر کرده است:

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    شرمنده ، ولی اصلا متوجه متن انگلیسی نشدم ، اون تاپیکی هم که دوستمون گفت چیزی ننوشته راجع به نصبش

    من فایل هارو توی رووت آپلود کردم ،

    حالا چیکار کنم؟

    قالب دیفالت استفاده میکنم ، حالا این فایل اینستال و آنیستال ( که البته این نیاز نیست چون میخوام نصب کنم ) چیکار کنم؟

    لطفا یکمی کامل تر
    Just IRan & IRanian

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    اول فایل ها رو آپلود کن و دسترسی فولدر arcade و تمام فولدر های داخلش رو روی 777 بزار و اگر فایلی به نام installer.php در روت فورم هست پاکش کن و بعد فایل xml رو نصب کن

    بعد در postbit_legacy قالب کد زیر رو پیدا کن:

    <if condition="$post['joindate']"><div>$vbphrase[join_date]: $post[joindate]</div></if>

    بالاش کد زیر رو قرار بده:

    $post[crowns]$post[champtext]<br />

    و در ناوبار کد زیر رو پیدا کن:

    <td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="calendar.php$session[sessionurl_q]">$vbphrase[calendar]</a></td>

    پایینش کد زیر رو قرار بده:

    <td class="vbmenu_control"><a href="arcade.php?$session[sessionurl_q]">Arcade</a></td>

    بعد هم از تنظیمات Arcade قسمت Group Permissions دسترسی های لازم رو به گروه ها بده
    کمرنگ شدم

  16. 2 کاربر به خاطر ارسال مفید AminGod از ایشان تشکر کرده اند:

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